High Five Fund Launch


After seeing so many budding entrepreneurs failing to launch due to lack of startup funds, we thought you, the community, could help them.

The High Five Fund allows youth (15-25) and women lead startups to ask you to support their venture or idea.

Why women and youth?

These entrepreneurial segments tend to have the most difficulty finding funding partly because they are not launching high growth tech businesses and partly because they make lack access to traditional funding partners. The business idea may also be at too early of a stage for traditional startup investment.

The High Five Fund is designed to help early stage entrepreneurs develop and launch their idea. This is the stage where a few hundred or few thousand dollars can make a true difference.

In order to post a project, startups will have to:

  • Verify their identity
  • Provide 2 references and/or participate in detailed interview
  • Complete the EntreLaunch online Accelerator
  • Provide an Executive Summary and short video message describing their business idea.

What will not be allowed:

  • Multi-level marketing or party based business
  • Consultant or sales reps for existing companies
  • Illegal activities

The Community then has the opportunity to fund the project based on whether you like the idea and the entrepreneur.

All startups will be asked to donate back raised funds which will be used to provide additional support to other entrepreneurs – a circle of support.

A small percentage of all funding will be used to sustain fund management with excess funds being reinvested to the fund.

Love what EntreLaunch and Rebecca are doing? Give a High Five today!


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